In Memoriam

James “Jim” Nisbet, was the founder of Brokerage Professionals in 1983.  Jim was a pioneer in the brokerage industry starting Brokerage Professionals before anyone was familiar with the industry as we know it today.  Jim was also a founding partner in Brokerage Resources of America “BRAMCO”.  Jim had many contributions to the brokerage community throughout his career starting with Connecticut General through formation of Brokerage Professionals in 1983.  Jim will be missed tremendously.  He passed away peacefully at home on July 19, 2016.    


BPI is a national full service wholesale insurance brokerage agency. Brokerage Professionals, offers a comprehensive array of insurance and annuity products from the industries top rated carriers. Our experienced marketing and underwriting staff provide you with the support you need in today's competitive marketplace. We assist you in providing the best service for you and your client(s). At Brokerage Professionals, our staff understands that we work for you. Brokerage Professionals, is product and company neutral. We assist you in doing what is best for you and your client.