Cap Plan

Legacy Group Financial supported by:

Brokerage Professionals, Inc.

Church Alliance Program



We believe that everyone deserves to have access to essential financial education. We provide a number of educational approaches, for those with all learning preferences. We have live, instructor-led Workshops. We also have ongoing blogs and communications to keep you abreast of financial and economic changes.



In addition to providing financial educational services, we want to ensure continued educational growth and learning opportunities for all areas of life. Many of our financial courses are held at universities and colleges throughout the country. Nearly all of our course tuition fees are donated back to the school’s ongoing learning center or scholarship funds.



Legacy Group Financial is proud to support our local community. We are continually seeking for charitable giving and community participation opportunities. Legacy Group Financial goes beyond just the financial aspect of our lives. While money is important, it’s just fuel for the journey. We want to ensure the entire trip is enjoyable - for everyone.