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New Agents

New Agent Philosophy

Legacy Helps You Grow Your Business

Today's consumers believe that "having wealth" means much more than just having money. Embracing this philosophy as the core of your business will increase interest from everyone you meet with.

At Legacy Group Financial, our philosophy and all of our materials embrace the new attitudes of today's consumers. We believe that True Wealth is found through our unique combination of Helping you – Help Others.

Training f

If you are a professional in the insurance industry, focused on Retirement and the Senior Market, we can help you build your business. Legacy Group Financial with one thought in mind, creating a super-charged business building organization that goes far beyond the typical thinking of conventional marketing companies. We show you the power of working with and within Churches in your area.

We have two missions with our partners – First: teaching you our philosophy of Helping you – Help Others, Second: to help you build your businesses the right way. Not only by increasing your revenue line, but by gratefully reducing your expense line. Business success is never easy, yet we are led to believe by many that it is. One thing alone does not guarantee success, there is no such thing as the proverbial 'silver bullet'. It takes multiple streams of income and a system driven by reality and facts.

The measure of a successful partnership is very simple. Do we help make you more money and do you help us make more money? We are doing that today with our financial professional partners with great results.

The Senior Market is booming and competition is keen. Yet, our marketing system combined with the power of our expert team, continues to provide critical differentiation from the crowd. Let Legacy Group Financials industry defining marketing programs and national brand help you accelerate the growth of your business to the highest levels of achievement, the right way!

Niche Market’s f

At Legacy Group Financial we realize how essential it would be to your business if you where part of an Exclusive Team that able to Capitalize on a Niche Market. We know that one size does not fit all.

That is why we spent the last 7 years designing, developing, test, and adjusting the only program that is designed specifically to provide Biblically Base Financial Education Workshops for local Churches. 

We believe in personalized, relevant, cost effective marketing campaigns that deliver what we promise. Remember there is no silver bullet.

So let us help you get in front of more people to get one more customer.

Our marketing program includes:


Branding can take years to develop and thousands of dollars. Why not leverage a name that already resonates with Churches?

Take advantage of our turn key Church Alliance Program marketing toolbox: Business cards, letterhead, envelopes all with the Church Alliance Program logo Agent website and Church Alliance Program branded email account Company brochures, all professionally designed and can be personalized with agent's information

Church Workshop Marketing

Our #1 source of new clients...Church Workshops. Why? It's simple. Our nationally recognized Church Workshop program continues to deliver a steady flow of the best leads in the business. We lead the industry with professional, cost-effective direct mail campaigns and seminar presentations that distinguish you from the competition, generate appointment after appointment and provides you many more opportunities.

Our Church Workshop Marketing Program includes:

PowerPoint workshop presentations, printed seminar invitations and email marketing campaign 24 hour reservation service with dedicated toll free 800 number Church Workshop workbooks, personalized nametags and registration survey forms

Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is an essential and important part of any marketing campaign. This is the day to day, week to week, month to month marketing exercise that takes time and effort, but can really pay off in the end. We are here to help you with establishing your drip marketing campaigns from, direct mail postcards to client appreciation events. We can help you incorporate an effective drip marketing plan into your daily marketing activities.

Drip marketing tools include:

List program through Epsilon Marketing, giving you access to Church marketing resource center.